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When was the last time you “disconnected”?

by abeutler

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There is no denying that today’s modern technology makes life a lot easier and faster than in the past. It is now easier than ever before to get in touch with someone due to cellphones, emails or social media. We can now call, message, tweet, and Instagram to talk to others and to show others what we are up to. The internet also makes gaining access to knowledge and information easier than ever. Instead of having to take the time to grab an encyclopedia, we can now just simply type our question into a variety of search engines and instantly receive an answer.

However, cell phones and computers have infiltrated almost every area of our lives. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, many of us are checking our phones, our emails, or interacting with some type of automated touch screen. All of this “screen time” is not always a good thing. Recently, a photograph has gone viral of a man staring at his phone while a beautiful humpback whale was breaching only a few feet away from his sailboat boat. This man missed the sight of a lifetime, because he was staring at his phone.

 This photograph is a reminder that while technology can be great, it is always important to remember to “disconnect” from

ht_whale_texter_kab_150204_16x9_992technology every now and then. It is truly amazing what can be missed when staring at a screen, when life is happening all around you.

 So when was the last time you “disconnected”? If you don’t remember, maybe today is a great day to put the cellphone or laptop away for the day and enjoy the simple joys of life!

Contributed by Lindsey Wright

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