Schirmer Insurance Group remains operable with limited in person social interaction. Please continue to call or email us for your insurance needs. 843-881-4707 or Close
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Get Started!

To all of our Clients, Friends and Family,

On behalf of our associates, we hope this post finds you safe and in good health during this trying time.

Schirmer Insurance Group will continue regular operating hours remotely –  9am-5pm Monday-Friday

Our team thrives on seeing you in our offices and we always welcome you,  however, at this time, we ask that you respect the pandemic guidelines of our country and limit your exposure within our community.

Below are many ways in which you can access your account with Schirmer Insurance Group and pay your bills online:

  1. Call us, 843-881-4707 – our representatives are available to speak with you Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm
  2. Email us: and one of our representatives will reach out to you
  3. Online – you can visit us online @ or Take a minute to locate and view your bill, then login to your carrier website and set  yourself up with online access – you can access  your account from your mobile device or computer  and we are happy to provide assistance  to  you in this process
  4. Drive thru – we have a mailbox in front of our Mt Pleasant location where you may drop off “anything insurance” that needs our attention – please secure your delivery in a sealed envelope with your name and contact information and we will be in touch

While we are all voluntarily confined – take a few minutes each day to better yourself –

  1. Reach out to your family members and have more than a text conversation – they are fabulous people!!
  2. Look back on the last couple of years or more and determine what is most important in life – Keep a clear focus
  3. Clean out a few closets – purge
  4. Don’t put it off – get your taxes done then you can go outside and play once the restrictions are lifted
  5. Take care of YOU – Boost your immunity – sleep more, read, pray, exercise, eat well, drink water, sit outside for 20-30 mins a day and get your vitamin D

The situation is indeed serious – stay calm and remain positive. Life can be hard but you must work hard to “Be Better today than you were yesterday”

We are here for you – insuring  your safety and your well-being. Be smart. Be Prepared. Be Patient. Be Kind.

Prayerfully we will round this corner in a couple of months and we will be on a new track of goodness and grace.

In uncertain times, we work together to remain strong. Please let us know how we can help, and thank you for trusting us with your partnership.