Bill Tilson

Once again Traci came through when no one else could!

I have worked with Traci for years and have always received great service, timely responses, and a feeling that she was there to help me and not sell me. It is very rare to find someone in her position that truly wants to help their customers and is proud of the service they provide. Traci is wonderful exception.

She recently found me the best value on Home Insurance when everyone else wanted me to buy more than I needed. She took the time to explain what everything meant on not just her policy but on competitors quotes. She wasn’t explaining things to me like I was an industry insider. Traci broke things down in a way that was digestible to the regular person and really gave me an education. I can not understate how much I felt valued by her, as well as the comfort of having an agent that you know you can rely on. This is a relationship that I intend to keep for as long as insurance is a thing.

I’m not saying its a life changing experience, it is however a continuing peace of mind to know Traci and SIG is looking out for me.